Wonderful World of Words!

World Book Day. A day to cherish, appreciate and celebrate the wonderful world of imagination and storytelling!

I remember winning a competition on World Book Day in primary school for dressing up as Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz. I cannot remember why I chose Scarecrow – I looked like a homeless kid who just woke up from sleeping in the bushes – but I’m glad I did. I was creative with my costume as I picked leaves from the tree in my back garden, glued them on to my old brown t-shirt and matching trousers and made a hat using a cardboard box, vast amounts of sellotape and some brown, crinkly wrapping paper. Needless to say, some of my class mates  weren’t too impressed simply because there shop-bought outfits were SO much prettier than my glue-and-sellotape masterpiece. But I won. So neh.

SCARECROW wizard of oz

I won?! Oh my- I’d like to thank God…

I have a 4 month old niece and already my sister and I are reading to her. She is entranced by the bright colours on the pages, mystified by the words that come out of our mouths and excited at the expressions and tone of voices we both use to tell the story. 

Reading is invaluable to anyone. It’s fun, educational and it allows you to open up your mind to endless possibilities, dreams, ambitions, new worlds, people, places, create your own life, use it as a form of escapism-maybe just for a little while, a means to discuss and meet new people over a cup of coffee, experiment, share your love of words – it could mean anything and absolutely everything to someone.

Doooo itttttttt...

Doooo itttttttt…

I have been a book lover since I could grab hold of one with my chubby, baby fingers. I like to  believe this trait was passed down from my mother who was also a reading fanatic. And I hope to pass this down to my own children some day.

Books allowed me to open up my imagination when I was younger and I maintained that same magic as I became an adult. I remember feeling sorry for people who had lost their magic and connection with the written word, a connection to another world. They would scoff at the fact that I love to read as it’s ‘SO geeky.’ Reading wasn’t considered ‘cool’ and to this day, it still isn’t. As naïve as it sounds, I am still astounded when I come across people or kids who still haven’t read Harry Potter because:


Head? Meet Brick Wall.

I hope one day this stereotype that reading is for geeks is dead and cremated once and for all. And that parents who have busy work schedules will still continue to take time out and dive into another world with their children, giving their own inner child a wake up call and sharing a special bonding moment with them, ready for the journey the author has laid out for them.

So enjoy the day, cherish the time spent with your loved ones and of course, don’t forget to tell us…

What have you been reading?


“Dreams Can Come True”…At least, that’s what Gabrielle sings…

Ask yourselves this question: When you were little, what was your big dream?

To become a singer?
A superhero?
A famous athlete?
A big film star?
Owner of a big financial company? (I’m assuming we ALL have this big dream given that the economy is crashing and burning…)

Now ask yourselves this: how many of you are living that dream today?

Desk man


It’s crazy to think that the film stars we see on our screens, the sport stars we see playing their favourite game and the singers we hear on the radio all started out with a dream. The difference between us and them? They’re all living it and making it happen. Well ok, maybe not so much the Superheroes.

Unless you count the masked Ninja of  Royal Tunbridge Wells?

You do NOT want to mess with this guy. Booyah.

Now, as cheesy and unbelievably clichéd as that sounds, and as much as you would like to scoff at my last sentence, you know it’s true.

Go on, admit it.

Recently I began doubting my dream. I thought to myself, ‘Why on earth am I WASTING my time’ blah blah blah. I began doubting my writing abilities, began to lose faith in myself and basically grabbed a shovel, dug a hole and hid.

I think I'll stay down here for a while...or forever...

And that was only last week.

It is so easy to be consumed by those pesky, evil little doubts that can suck you in like a black hole.

You don’t think you’re good enough, your friends are better, it’s too hard, no one thinks you can make it, you won’t make it, just give up now...



Get your butt out of that hole and do something about it. Sometimes it’s that simple.


Other times you’ll come across bumps and bruises. But don’t you think it’s better feeling that kind of pain than staying numb and hidden and acting like a victim all your life? That it’s better to at least TRY?
I may never make it but I’ll be damned if I don’t try to give it my all.

Whatever you decide to do, do it. Don’t listen to your doubts, or anyone else for that matter. You think you got what it takes? Good. Now show the world.


And now to end this blog post with an inspirational quote.

“Never worry if people believe in your dream or not…it’s never been about their belief or opinion anyway.”